Foundation Sires Data

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This data is used for informational purposes only and will change as new data comes in.  It should not be the sole information used for breeding purposes. We find it interesting that JVP Fukutsuru-068 was the top marbling bull in the Washington State University study for years.  According to Australia, his marbling score was +0.5.  Also in the Washington State University Sire study, Sanjirou ranks higher than his sire Michifuku but in the Australian EBV database Michifuku has a higher marbling score at +1.4 than his son Sanjirou with a +0.8.  It will be very important going forward for  American Wagyu Producers to have as much reliable data as possible to help make our breeding decisions and push our breed forward.  We hope you find this information interesting.


-Mike Kerby, Buck Mountain Ranch, & the Wagyu Exchange Team